Saturday, 7 April 2012

Recent purchases

Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)

Up to now I've always felt there is a "Manson-shaped" gap in my collection, this is until I found these in the bargain CD section of my local Record store

Holy wood was recommend to by a friend not a few days before so I was quick to pick it up, and there other was more of a bonus. So far out of the 2 albums, I've enjoyed Mechanical Animals more so far, although I cant help but be impressed with Mansons lyricism, and attitude. The Manson standard "Disposable Teens" though did come to me a little flat because despite how I feel and act, I no longer fit into the teen bracket any more. By the 4th set of tracks on the 20 track Holywood, it feels like manson is running out of ideas and the song started to became too similar. The shorter 14 track mechanical animals is much less draining on Mansons style.

It was 3 for £3 deal so for the third I picked up....

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land

Classic CD, and now one of the few dance albums I have in my collection. Contains essentials like "smack my bitch up", "breathe" and of course  "Firestarter", with tracks like these who can resist.

Did you know that Guitarist Jim Davies used to be in industrial metallers Pitchshifter at one point?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Aborted - Global Flatline
First Listen: Aborted - Global Flatline
Today for my first ever First Listen of year, its Global Flatline, by Aborted.

Aborted is a band that leans more to the deathgrind side of the spectrum than most, and this album (first in 4 years) is no exception with the typical aggressive, fast pace grinding death metal, with plenty of blasts all the way through. The guitars are as technical as you would want from a modern death metal band, vocals too are from the same bag, from to growls, to gutturals nothing here is unexpected. 

As the album blasted along there was no surprises, apart from the the odd well used sample and blast section here and there, nothing really gripped me or caught my musical ear, until much later in the album and the track "Expurgation Euphoria" and the following tracks where the band slows the pace down a bit for next couple of track before bringing back the speed. The last track unfortunately wreaks of filler, its the slowest track of the album, and brings very little; placing this track somewhere else would have improved things by breaking up the album a little more. "Expurgation Euphoria" and its following tracks are my favourites so far, as I breaks from the routine if only a small bit, and wish there where more tracks like this. Perhaps more favourite tracks will emerge with more listens, but as a first listen this a fairly solid death metal release.

Album released: January 23rd, 2012) Genre: Death Metal

Sunday, 29 January 2012



Hello everyone, this is my music blog, for reviews/comments/thoughts.
I am 25 years old and for most my adult life i have been passionate about good music, particularly heavy metal music and its spectrum of subgenres and influences under the banner of "Extreme music", from punk to hardcore, to industrial. Ill try my best to cover everything.
(My second passion is film so look out for possible movie reviews later.)

I will begin, most likely with First Listen sessions, where I give my initial opinions on the latest albums/tracks. These will be fairly brief, and work towards a more lengthy and in-depth reviews later.
I may also do run downs and initial thoughts on my Latest Purchases, and possibly a tour through my current, collection.

I am open to comments and suggestions of what I should listen to next or look out for.